The challenge is inspired by the lord; therefore we do not keep in touch with your crappy or a

The challenge is inspired by the lord; therefore we do not keep in touch with your crappy or a

“… Behold, Rebekah try one which just, simply take their and you may go, and you can allow her to end up being the girlfriend of master’s child, due to the fact LORD features spoken” (Genesis -51).

Which have permission offered for Rebekah to help you marry Isaac, the newest dowry gift suggestions have been lead forth and made available to the brand new professionals of your own nearest and dearest (vs. 53). Again this new slave recognized the latest hands out-of God within these issues and you can worshipped Your gratefully (verse 52). With the help of our issues disposed of, it ate and you can eaten, in addition to slave and his team invested the night time.

Was in the event that servant conveyed their desire to be for the his way back to help you their learn, Rebekah’s mom and you can brother indicated its want to slow down this lady deviation. Surely it understood which they you are going to never see Rebekah once more, and additionally they wished to possess some time and energy to state its farewells. The latest slave, however, pushed these to let her go instantaneously, and thus Rebekah are consulted to your number. Once the she try prepared to get-off straight away, it delivered this lady off with a blessing.

It true blessing, combined with a reaction to the new servant’s point out that Goodness had led him so you can Rebekah, helps me to understand why Abraham insisted one to Isaac’s partner getting extracted from his intimate family relations in the Mesopotamia. It quickly taken care of immediately evidence regarding divine guidance since the recounted from the slave (verses 37-forty-two, 50-51). The true blessing to your Rebekah is, during my quote, a reflection of their faith when you look at the Abraham’s God along with his covenant. The fresh new blessing it pronounced also closely parallels God’s covenant vow to help you Abraham becoming coincidental: 206

“And i usually bless their, as well as I could give you a man of the the lady. However have a tendency to bless their, and you will she should be a parent of countries; kings out-of individuals will are from the girl” (Gen )

“Will get you, our sibling, feel a great deal of ten many, And may even your own descendants hold the gate of those exactly who hate them” (Gen. )

“In fact I will greatly bless your, and i also tend to greatly redouble your seed products because celebrities out of the new air, so when the mud that’s towards the coastline; as well as your seed shall possess the gate of the foes” (Gen. )

Brand new Get back (-67)

Brand new goal ended up being accomplished, and then Rebekah treks regarding procedures out-of her great uncle Abraham. She, eg he, is actually contributed of the Jesus to leave the woman homeland and you can friends in order to visit the residential property out-of Canaan.

To some extent Bethuel with his household have to have common a good faith regarding the Goodness out-of Abraham

Isaac was actually around meditation 207 while the nights times contacted (verse 63). As he increased right up his eyes he beheld the fresh caravan dealing with. While it is some conjectural, In my opinion that Isaac, like the slave earlier, ended up being hoping regarding it activity of finding a spouse. Isaac could not had been unacquainted with the latest purpose on which the newest servant got delivered, and you may seriously Isaac couldn’t was in fact bored with its consequences. Ergo I do believe one Isaac are engaged in prayer to your servant one to his goal create do just fine. Like in your situation of your own servant, Isaac’s prayer is responded prior to it was accomplished.

Rebekah searched with interest on the guy who was simply addressing them. She questioned the latest slave about your and you may learned that which kid is this lady future husband. Correctly, she secured by herself together veil.

Verse 66 may sound incidental, but I think it reports an incredibly very important part of the newest procedure for trying to a girlfriend having Isaac. Abraham is convinced that Isaac expected a spouse such as for instance Rebekah. New slave, too, was assured you to Rebekah was one to possess Isaac together with succeeded when you look at the persuading this lady class of this fact. Although not, let us maybe not ignore the proven fact that Isaac, also, must be in hopes one Rebekah try her Goodness had delivered to your. The fresh servant’s report, while not repeated, must have started nearly just like the one filed for the verses 37-forty-eight. We understand away from verse 67 that Isaac are in hopes one to Rebekah was God’s a beneficial and you may perfect gift to possess your.