Six interviews were used deal with-to-face and something because of the mobile phone, long-lasting between forty-five–ninety times

Six interviews were used deal with-to-face and something because of the mobile phone, long-lasting between forty-five–ninety times

In-breadth, semi-arranged interview were conducted ranging from with eight women that was basically sugar dating during the time otherwise had prior to now done so. Later on they were fully verbatim transcribed; brand new extracts have been minimally modified getting size and you will understanding. Every pinpointing investigation might have been anonymized.

Purposive testing as well as the snowball method were used to help you enroll users. Purposive sampling pertains to seeking a great ‘directly laid out class for just who the study concern could well be significant’ (Smith and you can Osborn 2008 , 56). I hired five players from social media Myspace by making an article in a lot of women-only support groups looking to women who got actually sugar dated otherwise have been doing so and you can might possibly be willing to getting interviewed.

The fresh requirements was in fact the second: females based in England who had been sugar matchmaking or had in earlier times done so, ranging from 18 and you will 30 years old, that has gotten otherwise were getting a keen undergraduate training. Regardless of if I found myself conscious that the latest ‘Websites society constitutes an excellent biased take to of your own complete society in regards to demographic characteristics’ (Baltar and you can Brunet 2012 , 58), that it group prejudice is used for my personal research objectives, as the young individuals usually use the internet far more extremely than older cohorts (Hargittai and you can Hinnant 2008 ).

To obtain the remaining portion of the people We employed the fresh new snowball method: immediately after a ready search new member is positioned, this person provides the investigator the name of some other you can new member, exactly who provides some other name, etc. This procedure can often be made use of when participants are hard to-arrive (F ) as it is the situation for females just who engage in sugaring figure. One or two people referred one or two almost every other ladies who wanted to getting interviewed. Brand new ensuing users have been the second ( Table step one ):

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About procedure for choosing, plus inside the data of data, good feminist stability is actually then followed; particularly, feminist viewpoint concept: New participants’ knowledge was in fact believed a legitimate locus where good medical knowledge is lead (Harding 1991 ). The knowledge had been analysed playing with feminist critical commentary studies (CDA), and this it allows this new study of ‘this new constitutive role you to discourses play inside contemporary society’ (Vaara 2010 , 217) and highlights the link ranging from discursive or any other personal methods – in this case, sugar matchmaking. The fresh solutions of the people was analysed finding coordinating activities and layouts, together with trustworthiness of the data try ensured by applying ongoing comparison on their answers on interviews, and you will making certain posteriori one people decided to your interviews transcript.

Good feminist ethics out of reflexivity has been adopted whereby We keeps desired to determine a mutual relationships according to sympathy and you will esteem with the users, valuing the truth that the fresh persons investigated specialize in brand new stories of one’s own lifetime. The content right here showed has been built collaboratively due to the fact answers of users are a response to the particular inquiries of the author. Thus, states off universality and you will positivist objectivity is absent out of this search.

To make sure that the participants didn’t sense stress whenever layer painful and sensitive topics, a few process was indeed employed: debriefing the fresh new interview, providing a listing of related teams one support beginner gender specialists, and inquiring a few times in the event the interviewees was safe and desired to help you restart the newest conversation.


For the interview, people was in fact requested to spell it out area of the affairs one to contributed towards the their decision in order to glucose go out. Economic struggle are identified as an element of the basis, regardless if the people got obtained a student-based loan. Almost every other associated issues albeit smaller pressing, were the lack of time and energy to engage in complete-day really works and also the desire to experience a superior life than just the one they might afford just like the youngsters.

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